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A.J. Burnett silenced the Yankee bats, again, while Andy Pettitte's one bad inning was way too much damage for the Yanks to overcome.

A 4-1 loss ends the nominal first half of the season, which seems fitting considering how many times the Yankee bats haven't been able to back great starting pitching, let alone decent starting pitching.

As we head into the circus that is the All Star game, the main question the Yankee brass needs to be asking itself isn't how they're going to round out their rotation until Chien-Ming Wang returns, but how are they going to score runs.

This offense should be producing. The absence of Matsui and Damon has hurt, but they weren't exactly setting the world on fire with those guys. Do the Yanks need to get a bat for the stretch run? Who is the answer in center field? A couple of very good questions to ponder over the break.

Player of The Game: Giambo
Team record: 50-45
Damon: DL

by Brian on Jul 13 2008
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