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A game that started with Melky Cabrera making an error while answering his roll call from the bleacher creatures turned around quickly in the bottom of the sixth when Bobby Abreu caught up to an inside fastball and deposited it in the right field seats to reclaim the lead for the Yanks. The bullpen would make it stand up.

Rasner gave you as much as you can hope for. 5 2/3, 2 runs. You can live with that. You can win with that. Robbie Cano kept up his torrid Summer pace with another two hits and two RBI.

The highlight of the game was obviously the near 3-6-1 double play started by the Giambo. When I saw him stumble and throw from his knees to second I was 100% sure the ball would wind up in left, but he hit Jeter with a decent throw and they almost turned it.

The bullpen was unbelievable again. Farnsworth completed nine straight no-hit innings tonight. The only blemish was a single given up by Geise in garbage time in the 9th.

Gardner gets the slight edge in the battle for center field tonight. He was 0/3 with a walk and two K's, but Melky was 0/5 with that bone-headed play in center.

The Rays lost tonight, the deficit has been cut to 3.5 games.  Boston is playing on the left coast, but they can't overtake the Rays so the deficit will still be 3.5 when you wake up tomorrow.

The Moose vs. Perkins to wrap the series (and hopefully the sweep) tomorrow night.

Player of The Game: Abreu
Team Record: 55-45 (HW)
Damon: Nada
by Brian on Jul 22 2008
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