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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Tonight's Yankees-Sox extravaganza went way past manageable and featured two absolute certainties when you're talking about the Yanks and Sox: Alex Rodriguez got beaned and we were able to witness yet another Youkilis Is A Sissy moment.

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Ah yes, the big sissy fouled a ball off his big toe and yet again reacted like a sniper shot him. It's like he has a script for whenever he gets a boo-boo.
  1. Immediately drop to the ground
  2. Writhe around convincingly
  3. Grimace
  4. Cry for Mommy
  5. "Tough it out," when the trainers come out to see if you're OK.
  6. Remove yourself from the game
  7. Act surprised when X-Rays are negative.
Good times.

Yet again, A-Rod was beaned and no payback ensued. So much for Joey Jr.'s hard-nosed, take no S managing style. Manny came up in the following inning against Bruney, but hitting him then might've put the game in jeopardy so we'll give him a temporary pass. Either Ortiz or Manny should be feeling some pain tomorrow night though. This has been going on long enough.

As for the game, well the Wanger didn't have it. He couldn't get out of the fifth inning and if not for an equally inept performance from uber-stud Clay Buchholz, this would've spelled trouble. Luckily, the Yanks used the long ball early and the broken bat blooper throughout to pile up 15 runs.

You have to tip your cap to the Yankee pen tonight. Hawkins, Traber and Bruney held the Sox in check after a shaky inning plus from Ohlendorf. Bobby Meachem gets the award for nearly giving me a heart attack. Jorge hit a double down the left field line with Matsui on first. Manny waddled over to pick it up and threw his typical underhand flip to Lugo who was about 20 feet behind third when he received the throw, at that point, Matsui was just rounding third and Meachem sent him. I was 100% sure he was going to be dead meat at the plate, luckily it was a piss-poor throw that pulled Varitek off the plate just enough for Matsui to hook slide in for the run. It was a bad call by Meachem with a lucky result. I'm not too pleased with Bobby's judgment thus far.

The Yanks pulled to even on the season against Boston (2-2) and in the standings overall (9-7). Tomorrow night the Moose will face Beckett, again. Let's hope Joey Jr. doesn't let him pitch to Manny in a big spot this time.

Player of The Game: Chad Moeller, 3-4 with a walk, a run and a ribbie. (He also saw about 30 pitches in his 5 at bats, not bad for your #9 hitter)
Team Record: 9-7
Damon's Broken Bats: Kinda hard to waste some wood when all you do is pinch run.
by Brian on Apr 17 2008
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