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It's almost as if the Yankee bats realize who's on the mound and hit accordingly. With Sid the kid out there tonight against the Twins, A-Rod and the Yanks delivered 12 runs of support and got him his 6th win of the season.

Robbie Cano continued to scorch the ball, going 2 for 5 with an upper-deck bomb. On the heels of the horrible Posada news, it was good to see the Yanks go out there and pound someone. It was equally heartening to see them put up double digits. Even Jeter got a hold of one and deposited it in the right field bleachers.

The next two games are big. It's safe to call the Yanks hot right now, the Oakland series didn't prove much, but Minnesota had been playing some of the best ball in the league recently and anytime you can get a win with Ponson on the hill you've accomplished something. Rasner will take the hill tomorrow night against Slowey. The Yankee bats will be needed yet again. Then it's the Moose to finish off the series before the short flight up to Boston for a three-game set.

Don't lose sight of these next two games. Get the sweep if you can, win the series at the minimum and then worry about the Sox.

Melky had the edge again tonight in the battle for center field, a battle that may last much longer than expected with Jorge's return to the DL. Melky was 2/5 with 2 runs, Gardner 1/4 with nothing else. Damon returned to the lineup as the DH, a spot I think we'll see him in quite a bit the rest of the way. He was 1/4 with a run and a RBI.

Player of The Game:
Team Record: 54-45 (high water again)
Damon: Uno

by Brian on Jul 21 2008
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