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Wow. 12 more runs Saturday, on a day when the starter wasn't particularly sharp, and a certain reliever's appearance caused a bit of a distraction, the Yankee offense came through. Great to see.

When the Mariners signed Carlos Silva for $44M and traded away a boatload of prospects for Erik Bedard I bet they didn't think they'd lose consecutive starts by a 25-8 count.

The Giambino provided an early boost for the offense with an opposite-field, three-run bomb.  Moose coughed up a 4-run lead with with back-to-back shots in the bottom of the third, but the Yanks gave him plenty of breathing room and he exited after 5, which was the plan going in.

Day two of Joba's transition to the starting rotation saw him take the mound in the 6th. The plan was for him to throw 50 pitches, but it wasn't meant to be. He threw 2 innings, here's a breakdown of each:

6th Inning
  • 16 pitches - 10 fastballs, 1 curve, 5 sliders
7th inning
  • 24 pitches - 15 fastballs, 4 curves, 4 sliders, 1 change
I'm less concerned with Joba's pitch totals. If it takes a month for him to get up to 85 pitches, I'm fine with that. What I want to see from outing to outing is better efficiency, especially with his third and fourth pitches. Today, the curve and change were used for show. He relied on the slider and fastball for all six outs. That's to be expected, he's hardly used either pitch since spring training.

It's a tough situation for Joba to be in. As a starter, you plan to face a lineup three times when you're working out your game plan. A lot of the time, you go through the first time using only your best two pitches, effectively setting them up for the other pitches later in the game. Since he's relieving while he stretches himself out, he doesn't have an opportunity to set batters up during their first at bat for a later at bat. Once he gets up to 60 or 70 pitches, working all of his pitches in will be more productive. In the meantime, he's going to probably take some lumps.

Another question that I'm anxiously awaiting an answer on is what the Yanks will do when he needs to be up to say 70 pitches. Will they start him and have him on a strict limit, maybe with Rasner or Kennedy set to come in during the 4th or 5th when he hits the limit? Or will he come in during the fifth in relief?

My best guess is that Joba will need 4 or 5 more of these preparatory outings before he's ready to assume a spot in the rotation. This should put some added pressure on Ian Kennedy. If Rasner keeps pitching the way he is right now, it'll be Kennedy on the bus to Scranton.

The Wanger will face off against Washburn today as the Yanks try to stretch the streak to 5 games.

Player of The Game:
Robinson Cano
Team Record: 24-25
Damon: Nada
by Brian on May 25 2008
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