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Hopefully, today's rainout in Detroit will mean we won't be subjected to another Kei Igawa start, but you never know.

One troubling thing from Joe Girardi today, even though no game was played. The lineup pasted below is what Girardi was going to trot out there to face Nate Robertson and Tigers:

  1. Damon
  2. Melky
  3. Abreu
  4. Jeter
  5. Giambi
  6. Duncan
  7. Cano
  8. Molina
  9. Alberto Gonzalez
I swear, Girardi must wake up every morning and try figure out a way to assemble a different lineup. Is it indecision on his part? Does he like asking different things of every guy every day? Does he just have no clue? Does he think he's still managing the Marlins? Your guess is as good as mine, but I will say this, when A-Rod and Posada get back, we better see a stable lineup day in and day out. This is getting ridiculous.

The Yanks are resting well in Tampa right now, they have seven games in the next seven days, four in Tampa and 3 at home against the Mets. Is 4-3 too much to ask? Still no word on A-Rod's return, he's eligible to come off the D.L. on Wednesday.
by Brian on May 11 2008