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The Hammer held court after the first day of the Yankees organizational meetings, he said Joba would be a starter in 2009. Nothing earth-shattering here, and honestly it doesn't even begin to answer the biggest question. Will Joba begin the season in the rotation, thus giving him a much better chance at reaching his innings limit this season.

As far as I'm concerned, that's the only way to go. The worst-case scenario would be a repeat of 2008. Staring him in the pen to save his innings, then having him go down with some kind of injury and not reach his limit. Start him as the fifth starter, when he gets to within 20 or 30 innings of his limit, you move him to the pen. Or just sit him after he hits his max, if he hits his max.

If you truly believe he's going to be an ace, which I do, then his longterm development is the top priority, start acting like it. When you try to have it both ways, something gives.
by Brian on Oct 17 2008
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