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Wow, what to give the guy who has everything (Trunk of porn - check. Fictitious/hand-drawn wife - check.) In case you missed it, tonight was Hideki Matsui's 34th birthday and in his true selfless fashion, he decided he should give the Yankees a gift. He chose a grand salami in the top of the sixth as his gift to his teammates and an excellent outing from Andy Pettitte made it stand up.

This season is becoming tiresome. The Yanks can't get on any kind of a role. Every time they poke their head above .500 they quickly sleepwalk through a game like last night's and they're right back at the mediocre line. While their deficit is nowhere near as big as it was last season (13.5 games at one point in 2007, they're 7 games back right now), it's still bigger than I'd prefer. I don't know, maybe they'll beat up on the lesser league in interleague play this weekend.

Andy Pettitte had the best cutter I've seen all year, and that's heartening after a couple of sub-par outings.  Except for that bright spot in the sixth, the offense basically did nothing tonight, it's a good thing Pettitte was on. Mo walked his third batter of the season, but struck out 2 en route to his 18th save of the season.

Jobamania will take the ball tomorrow night in Houston against a potent Houston lineup.

Player of The Game: Pettitte. 8 innings of one-run ball trumps a birthday grand slam in my book.
Team Record: 34-33
Damon: Nada.

by Brian on Jun 13 2008
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