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Whenever you head to the Stadium for a game it's special. You spend the whole day looking forward to your first glimpse of the field. You always have a good feeling about the game. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, sometimes that facade crumbles after an inning or two.

That was the case tonight. The Moose had nothing, the pen didn't have much more. The O's looked like world beaters. The Yankee bats hibernated for most of the night. All told, most of the highlights came from the out-of-town scoreboard. The Sox and Rays both lost, so the eternal optimist in me will say no harm, no foul. Obviously, wasted opportunity, is echoing in the back of my mind as well.

Xavier Nady connected for his first bomb as a Yankee. Damon broke a long homerless drought (and no bats, as far as I could see). The Bombers have to turn the page and hope Darrell Rasner can snap this mini-slide tomorrow.

If you have a nagging feeling that this loss meant a little more than just a wasted opportunity, you could latch onto the fact that the Yankee pen has thrown 8 innings in the past two days, Robertson got torched tonight, Rasner's on the hill tomorrow and the Yanks don't have an off day for over two weeks, but let's try to stay positive, huh?

Player of The Game: Damon
Team Record: 58-47
Damon: None (that I know of)
by Brian on Jul 29 2008
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