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Joba didn't have it. I suffered through another dominating pitching performance turned in by the worst staff in the league only to watch the Yanks claw back into the game late and have Mo blow it. Unbelievable.

Melky should've bunted in the 9th. It's Girardi's fault that he didn't, that's unforgivable. Brett Gardner is lighting the world on fire. At this point, whoever gets a hit first, he or Melky, deserves the center field job.

I don't have anything else after this one. Terrible sports day.

Player of The Game: David Robertson
Team Record: 44-40
Damon: 1 to end the game. I'm sorry to say I'm in too foul of a mood to put together the Damon Deforestation image tonight. I'm going to lick my wounds and fall asleep.
by Brian on Jul 1 2008
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