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Over the weekend, the Yanks sold Darrell Rasner to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of the Japanese Pacific League for $1M.

I wasn't aware players could be sold, like cattle, but it appears the move was not only legal, but they even made a hit movie about a similar move back in the early 90s.

The exporting of baseball "talent" captivated my attention over the weekend, and I decided to do some digging. My crack research department was able to find the digital footprint of the Rasner move. Check after the jump to see how the Yankees put Rasner on the market.

Amazingly, the Yankees decided to go with a Web 2.0 approach to unloading the Ras.

The bidding was hot and heavy on E-Bay, but the Golden Eagles finally clicked the "Buy Now" button, effectively shutting the Havana Cubans and the Venezuelan national team. Venezuela was reportedly interest in Rasner as a batting practice pitcher.

by Brian on Nov 17 2008
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