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Now that the Sixers season has come to an end, a much larger percentage of my blogging time will be spent on the Yankees. I realize most, if not all, of the Yankee fans who come here could care less about the Sixers, but I follow each of my teams from the first game to the last of every season religiously, so the overlap made things difficult for me over the past month.

The good news is there's only one team playing now, and as a reward I'm unveiling a new feature today as a thank you for your patience.

I proudly present the Johnny Damon Deforestation Project...

From now on we'll have a visual aid to help us keep track of Johnny's enormous pile of kindling. You'll be able to find the image at the bottom of all Yankee recap posts going forward.

The Wanger vs. Bedard tonight at 7.
by Brian on May 2 2008
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