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Ha, ha. You Yankees are so funny sometimes. You blow two must-win games, then actually play like you care once the season is already over. Well, you won't fool me this time.

Sure, it was a great game to watch. Wait, let me correct that. The 7th through 9th were great to watch, and the Moose was masterful. The offense took the first two-thirds of the game off against Lester. Girardi deserves some credit for this win, Ransom did a representative job at first (1/2, with a double and an HBP) and Joey Jr. pushed the right button at the right time, pinch-hitting Giambi against a lefty. He made an equally strong move by leaving Giambi in to play first, you had the feeling he wouldn't, and his spot would come up in the lineup again.

One nitpick for Joey, though. When Nady led off with a single in the bottom of the ninth and Gardner went in to pinch run, I think you have to steal him right away. It really has nothing to do with the fact that Cano can't bunt (why he still can't bunt is beyond me), but more to do with Gardner's speed. That guy can steal on anyone, especially a rookie righty. Take the bag for free and then bunt him over, or let Cano try to knock him in. I don't get why it's an acceptable play for him to steal second with one out, when it isn't with no outs.

Anyway, after a 1-2 series with the Bostoners, the Yanks will face Burnett, Parrish and Halladay in the upcoming series with the Jays. Six games out...not gonna happen.

Player of The Game: Stache
Team Record: 71-62
Damon: Zero
by Brian on Aug 28 2008
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