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Another hapless National League team stepped up to the plate against the surging Yanks tonight in the Bronx. This time, it was the San Diego Padres and Randy Wolf. Pettitte, Veras, Traber and Mo made short work of their feeble lineup, allowing only 7 singles and striking out a whopping 14 on their way to an 8-0 shellacking.

All the offense the Yanks would need come on a monster home run by A-Rod to lead off the bottom of the second inning. Giambi would add a couple of bombs of his own, he's now brought his average all the way up to .268 and he has 17 home runs, 40 RBI, and an OPS of .998. I owe the Giambino and Joey Jr. a huge apology, I did not see this coming, and Girardi's (blind) faith in Giambi has really buoyed this team over the past two months. The wouldn't be 5 games over right now without his contributions, honestly, he might be the team's MVP at this point.

One other piece of news should be catching Yankee fans' eyes. Willie Randolph was fired from his job in Flushing early this morning. If I'm Brian Cashman, I'm on the phone with Willie right now offering him his old job as the Yanks third base coach. Bobby Meacham is a liability out there. He didn't get Chien-Ming Wang hurt, that's not my beef with him. My beef is that he makes terrible decision and he's cost the Yankees plenty of runs, if not games, with his poor decision-making skills already this season.

Pettitte has been stellar in his last two outings. The Yanks really need this to be an upward trend and an early start to Pettitte's typical monster second half rather than Andy picking on sub-par lineups. I'm going to lean toward the optimistic here. The rotation as a whole is in more trouble than people want to admit, especially Brian Cashman. Rasner has gotten absolutely murdered in two of his last three starts and now we're talking about Dan Giese as the #5 starter. The Yankee offense is finally hitting on a cylinders, and yes, they may be capable of out-scoring teams two games out of five, but the Yanks really need Ian Kennedy back in the rotation sooner rather than later, and they need him to be the effective, confident Ian Kennedy we saw last season, not the ball of nerves we had to suffer through earlier this year. Phil Hughes isn't due back until late August.

Player of The Game: The Giambino (2 bombs, and an early shower for some unknown reason. I'd be pissed if I were him.)
Team Record: 38-33
Damon: Nada.
by Brian on Jun 18 2008
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