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The Wanger took the hill tonight knowing the Bombers would clinch a playoff berth with a win. He went out and did the job. The Yankee offense was on cruise control until the D-Rays hit A-Rod with a pitch, the 21st time he's been hit this year. Following A-Rod's plunking the Yanks put 9 insurance runs on the board and cruised to their 91st win.

The Yankees celebrated this berth with more gusto than I've seen from them since Y2K. Back in the day, the Yankees shook each others' hands and got ready for the next step on the journey to a ring. A couple of years ago, I might've said something like, "Act like you've been there before, you haven't won anything yet." But not this year. The comeback this team has mounted is almost unparalleled. On top of that, you've got about 10 kids in that clubhouse who have never been here before, and you know what, they had a lot to do with this run. They deserve every second of this celebration. The whole team does. So, congratulation guys. Tomorrow, we start worrying about Cleveland.

Player of The Game:
Dontcha Know, 2 for 5, 5 RBIs.

The Joba/Gagne graphic has been updated.

by Brian on Sep 26 2007
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