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How painful, you ask? Well, watch this clip.

I'd rather watch that clip 60 straight times than watch a replay of the past two Yankee games.

The disappointing thing about watching them these days is that it's very easy to see when they lose games. On Friday night it was when Ian Kennedy went out and gave up the lead in the bottom of the third. Kennedy was shaky in the first, then the Yanks spent the next two innings fighting back. In the top of the third they broke through and took a two-run lead. It lasted about three pitches into the bottom of the third. The Yanks answered, Kennedy let the Angels answer right back. At that point, you knew the Yanks were done.

Saturday, it wasn't the disgusting bottom of the 8th that sealed the Yankees' fate, it was the bottom of the seventh. The Yanks scratched out their third run in the top of the 7th, and the Yanks turned the ball over to Veras for the bottom of the inning. Veras gave up a lead-off bomb to Garrett Anderson. Not a great start, but that didn't do it. Mike Napoli's bomb later in the inning to tie the game, that was the moment I knew the Yanks had lost.

The Yanks are like a boxer with a weak chin. You give them a decent shot, at any point of the game, and they're done. It's only a matter of time.

It's tough to point fingers at the manager when everyone in the bullpen is horrible, but I have to question Girardi's decisions today. Veras has been the best guy out there, outside of Mo, so why did Joe go to him in the 7th? Look at it this way, had Veras cruised through the 7th what was Joe's plan for the 8th? Did he have one? Was he planning to use Edwar for the 8th?

You had Anderson leading off the 7th, that's a perfect opportunity to use Marte, probably the best opportunity you're going to get against the Angels. Get through the 7th with a combination of Marte and Edwar and then use Veras for the 8th and Mo for the 9th. That's what he would've done a couple of weeks ago. It just seems like Joe's shaken at this point.

For the record, bunting Jeter in the top of the 8th was absolutely the right call. I know some people have questioned it, but Jeter is a double-play machine. Had he swung away there, and hit into a double play, everyone would be ripping Girardi to shreds. When you have runners on second and third, one out and your numbers three and four hitters coming up you have to get at least one run. The Yanks didn't, which is a trademark of this team lately.

Pettitte will try to stop the bleeding tomorrow and we'll see if the Yanks can scrape together enough runs to beat a lefty in Joe Saunders. Hopefully the Yanks will jump out to a huge lead early and we won't need the smelling salts to wake these gutless wonders up.

Player of The Game: Melky. 3 for 4.
Team Record: 63-54
Damon: 1 broken bat, 46 on the season. Sorry, no graphic tonight.

by Brian on Aug 10 2008
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