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jenksisnotskinny.jpgThat doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Joba for the eighth and Mo for the ninth, but I could definitely live with it. The rumor comes from SILive.com. (No, not Sports Illustrated, but Staten Island). For those of you not from the center of the universe, Staten Island is actually a borough of New York City, albeit one most New Yorkers avoid at all costs. (Hat tip to River Ave Blues for finding the story).

The story quotes an un-named source, so take it with a grain of salt, as saying the Yanks have contacted the ChiSox about Jenks. Honestly, I don't see why the Sox would want to trade their rotund closer, especially considering he was the only member of their pen who could actually get someone out last season. Maybe our resident ChiSox blogger, Rickhouse of Tremendous Upside Potential can shed some light.

From the Yankee perspective, they obviously need help in the pen, and Jenks would be a solid solution for that problem. They have a logjam in the outfield, and if you ascribe to the "where there's smoke, there's fire" theory, Melky is going to be traded eventually. Every rumor last year involved his name, every rumor at the trade deadline this year involved his name, and every rumor floated thus far this offseason has involved his name. If you ask me, he's too high of a price to pay, but I'm starting to think I value him much higher than your average Yankee fan/blogger/general manager. So, if a deal was to happen, I'd think the Yanks would be sending an outfielder (Melky, Damon or Matsui) and/or an assortment of b-level prospects to Chicago. Jenks isn't going to come at the cost of Hughes, Joba or Kennedy.

Jenks was pretty much dominant last year, he'll be 27 and only has 174 innings under his belt over his three-year career. The main concern has to be the size of that belt, but he's a reliever so a few dozen extra pounds isn't that much of a concern. Here are his numbers from last year:

3-5, 40 saves, 65 innings, 2.77 ERA, 0.892 WHIP
by Brian on Nov 21 2007
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