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The diagnosis for Joba is rotator cuff tendinitis. He'll be shut down completely for a week, then begin a throwing program.

Peter Abraham's take is that "tendinitis" is a codeword for a minor tear in his rotator cuff. His thinking is that we'll be lucky to see Joba again this season. I'm not so sure. If there was even the hint that this was something major I don't think they'd have him throwing again in a week. Either way, if this road trip ends the same way it started, I doubt we'll see Joba again this year, no need to rush him back for a lost cause. If they actually show some life, it's probably 50/50.

So, now the question becomes whether it was wise to rush Joba into the rotation. By rush, I don't mean doing it mid-season, I mean how they built up his pitch count, or failed to depending on your point of view, before putting him in the rotation. Is this injury something which could've happened as a result of that? Who knows?

A-Rod is DHing tonight, Melky gets another night off. Damon is in center.
by Brian on Aug 6 2008
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