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Three notable changes to the situation today:
  1. The Sox will include Ellsbury, but not Ellsbury and Lester (or Buchholz, presumably). I don't think this makes much of a difference. Hughes is a better prospect than Ellsbury, no matter what Sox fans tell you.
  2. Johan has said he will not waive his no-trade clause after the beginning of the season. In a sane world, this would take most of the power out of the Twins' hands. If they don't get a deal done now, they're going to get nothing but two picks back for him after 2008. In this twisted world, it'll probably put the pressure on the Sox and Yanks.
  3. The Yanks have put a timer on the Hughes/Melky/Warm Body offer. The Twins have until end of day Monday to accept, or the Yanks move on. It seems like this deadline isn't being taken too seriously. I hope it passes, the Yanks take Hughes off the table and tell the Twins the offer is now Kennedy, Melky and Tabata. Take it or leave it.
The Winter Meetings start tomorrow. I'll put up a post in the morning and update throughout the day (between meetings) any/all Yankee hot stove happenings. Buckle up. Hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors for the links above.
by Brian on Dec 2 2007
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