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Jose Canseco Mug ShotThere's a story in the Times today about Jose Canseco's alleged extortion of Magglio Ordonez. The Times is quoting several sources as saying the Canseco, or his friends, told Ordonez that Jose would leave him out of his upcoming book, "Vindicated," if Ordonez invested in a movie that he's been trying to make for a couple of years now.

The league apparently contacted the FBI, but Ordonez wouldn't press charges.

This story bothers me on so many different levels. First of all, I'm not a jury so I'm going to go ahead and say I believe the story. It just sounds like something Canseco would do, and I don't see why Ordonez would leak it. It kind of implies that he has something to hide.

Here's another reason to believe it. Canseco's second book is in a shambles. First, his ghostwriter, Don Yaeger, quit reportedly because Canseco had nothing of substance to say about the players he was prepared to sling mud at. Yaeger was a former associate editor at Sports Illustrated. I have no idea how low on the totem pole an associate editor for SI is, but at least SI is a real publication. Canseco's new ghostwriter is a former National Enquirer writer who's hit list includes the O.J. Simpson bio, "IF I Did It," which was the beginning of the end for Judith Regan at HarperCollins. "Vindicated" has already been dropped by one publisher, and picked up by a second. It's scheduled to be released on March 31st.

Oh, if you were wondering, Jose Canseco was one of George Mitchell's "sources" for his infamous report. This is the level of credibility we're dealing with. A guy who's basically blackmailing people into investing in his stupid movie idea for fear of being outed as a P.E.D. user and two trainers who were forced to testify or face jail time. That gets you a congressional hearing these days.

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by Brian on Jan 24 2008
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