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The Yanks lost, I had to watch it on Yankee replay so I missed a couple of Damon at bats, but that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about Jose Reyes.

If you missed the game, in the 7th inning with the Mets leading 3-1, Jose Reyes fielded a grounder up the middle hit by Melky. Instead of setting himself, he dropped down and threw the ball sidearm to first, it sailed, Delgado short-armed it, and the ball went into the Mets dugout. Reyes was charged with an error on the play, it was probably a 50/50 call. Delgado should've caught it, but it was a wild throw. It doesn't really matter who is charged with the error. Reyes' reaction is what I want to talk about. He fired his glove into the dirt, scowled at Delgado for several minutes and sulked out on the field.

Now I know why certain Mets fans think Reyes is a cancer. He is. I literally haven't seen anything like that since I was a 10 year-old and my team's center fielder started crying because he missed a ball. It was shameful, and Jerry Manuel should've taken Reyes out of the game immediately. There is no room for behavior like that. Instead, Manuel took Delgado out of the game and replaced him with Fernando Tatis at first.

It isn't just Reyes, though. The entire Mets team is a disgrace to the sport. You've got Billy Wagner as the only accountable guy in the clubhouse. Delgado refusing to give curtain calls to his own fans. David Wright wearing white shoes. It disgusts me to watch that team. It disgusts me even more to see the Yanks lose to them, but at least I can take solace in the fact that they won't sniff the post season.

I don't think I'm doing justice to exactly how much Reyes' actions pissed me off. How can you expect to win when one of your "leaders" shows up his teammates on the field? Reyes deserves a code red, the only problem is there isn't anyone man enough on their roster to do it. Wright's too busy jumping around like an imbecile. Delgado's a pacifist. Alou's an octogenarian. I don't know what Beltran is, I guess just a guy who strikes out looking to end the Mets' best chance at a World Series title since 1986. Who is their leader? Luis Castillo, the slap-hitting second baseman they overpaid for?

If I was a Mets' fan I wouldn't be lamenting the demise of Shea Stadium (it's a dump). I'd be sad that the entire team won't be put out to pasture with it.

Player of The Game: Betemit. He hit Citi Field with a home run (or at least came close to it).
Team Record: 44-38
Damon: None that I saw.
by Brian on Jun 30 2008
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