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pointingknob.jpgWhen I first stumbled across this piece on the official Yankees site, I have to admit, I laughed out loud. This year is the first year Chuck Knoblauch is eligible for Hall of Fame voting, and the article seems to be arguing his case.

My gut reaction was obviously tainted by what Knoblauch became in New York. You know, the sniveling mess who couldn't make a throw from second to first. The 5'9" (with lifts) "lead off" hitter who suddenly decided to swing for the fences. The guy who went from swiping 50+ bags/year in Minnesota to about half of that in NYC. The guy who stood at first base and pointed at a ball in a playoff game while the runners circled the bases.

After the initial reaction wore off, I thought I'd put my bias aside and take a look at Knoblauch's career as a whole. Maybe the good work he did in Minnesota could overshadow the inauspicious end to his career.

Well, I took a look and there is no way in hell Chuck Knoblauch belongs in the Hall of Fame. He doesn't belong in the Hall of Anything. He broke .300 only three times in his career, his obp was over .400 only twice, his slugging percentage over .500 only once. He stole some bases and scored some runs, and he did it fairly effectively for about 6 years out of his 12-year career.

I think you could probably make a better case for David Justice, but even he isn't anywhere near the Hall. I'm wondering if guys who shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence of the Hall are going to be entering into the conversation purely because they haven't been linked to PEDs. The HOF is such a sham.
by Brian on Jan 2 2008
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