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Here's the lineup, live blog after the jump.

Anytime the Yanks face a pitcher with a girl's name, it's advantage Yankees.

vs. Dana Eveland

  1. Damon (LF)
  2. Jeter (SS)
  3. Abreu (RF)
  4. A-Rod (3B)
  5. Giambi (DH)
  6. Posada (C)
  7. Betemit (1B)
  8. Cano (2B)
  9. Melky (CF)
The Wanger is on the hill.
Flaherty and Singleton in the booth. I don't know about you, but I'm glad to have a series without Michael Kay. No Shelley in the lineup tonight, I'm not really sure why he's on the roster if you aren't going to use him in a game like this, although Betemit has been swinging a hot bat. And away we go...

Top First
  • Damon grounds back to the pitcher.
  • Jeter walks.
  • Abreu singles to left, Jeter was running on the pitch and goes to third.
  • A-Rod singles to center, Abreu gunned down trying to go to third, A-Rod to second on the throw. Jeter scores, (1-0, Yanks)
  • Giambino hits a seeing-eye single to the vacated shortstop hole. A-Rod scores, (2-0, Yanks)
  • Posada walks. First and second, two out for Betemit.
  • Betemit grounds into a fielder's choice, 5-4. Good start, let's see which Wanger shows up tonight.
Bottom First
  • Jack Hannahan gets hit on the foot on Wang's first pitch. Not exactly the type of start to the game you'd hope for.
  • Damon makes a sliding catch on a Bobby Crosby line drive. That ball was smoked.
  • Cust flies out deep to right, shattering his bat in the process.
  • Chavez flies out to center.
Top Second
  • Cano grounds out to second.
  • Melky lines out to the second baseman.
  • Damon shatters his bat on a ground out to first.

Bottom Second
  • Mark Ellis leads off with a double down the third base line.
  • Barton strikes out swinging.
  • Travis Buck grounds out to third. First ground ball out. Sinker has looked better these last two batters.
  • Carlos Gonzalez grounds out to Wang who takes care of it himself with the tag. The sinker seems to finally be sinking.
Top Third
  • Jeter strikes out on a bad pitch.
  • Abreu walks on 5 pitches.
  • A-Rod singles through the left side. First and second, one out for the Giambino.
  • Giambi k's on a curve in the dirt.
  • Posada flies out to right. Two men stranded.
Bottom Third
  • Suzuki singles on a grounder through the right side.
  • Hannahan flies out to left.
  • Crosby hits into a double play, 6-4-3.
Top Fourth
  • Betemit K's looking. Dana is looking sharp as the game wears on.
  • Cano flies out to shallow left.
  • Melky lines out to first this time. Quick inning.
Bottom Fourth
  • Cust hits a sharp grounder to Betemit, he boots it. They call it a single, should've been an error.
  • Chavez grounds out to first, Cust moves to second.
  • Ellis doubles to left center. Cust scores (2-1, Yanks)
  • Barton grounds out to first, Ellis moves to third.
  • Buck grounds out to short. Inning over. That should've been an unearned run, and a very easy inning for Wang.
Top Fifth
  • Damon walks on a 3-2 count.
  • Jeter grounds into a 5-4-3 double play on a 3-1 pitch. If you can explain to me why Damon wasn't running there I'll give you a dollar.
  • Abreu walks on four pitches. That's five walks for Dana so far.
  • A-Rod grounds out to short.
Bottom Fifth
  • Gonzalez walks on 4 pitches. (Leadoff walks score 60% of the time)
  • Suzuki hits into a 5-4-3 double play (that's what happens to the other 40% of leadoff walks)
  • Hannahan strikes out.
Top Sixth
  • Giambi walks to lead off (Leadoff walks score 60% of the time)
  • Posada flies out to deep right and Giambi tags up and goes to second on the play. I have no idea how that happened.
  • Betemit fouls out down the right field line.
  • Cano flies out to deep left. The odds say the next 3 leadoff walks will all score.
Bottom Sixth
  • Crosby singles to left.
  • Cust grounds into a 4-6-3 double play.
  • Chavez grounds out to Jeter.
Top Seventh
  • Melky lays down a nice bunt, but he's thrown out by a nicer play by Suzuki. Melky slid into first, giving the RAB guys even more ammunition.
  • Damon singles to right. He has to be stealing here, absolutely has to.
  • Damon gets gunned down on a botched hit and run. I would've preferred a straight steal, I'm glad Girardi had him on the move, though.
  • Jeter k's to end the inning.
Bottom Seventh
  • Ellis singles to center. 7th straight inning the A's have had the leadoff man on base.
  • Barton grounds out to Jeter. Ellis moves to second on the hit and run.
  • Buck walks
  • Gonzalez singles to center. Bases loaded, one out.
  • Suzuki grounds into a 5-4-3 double play to end the inning. Huge pitch there.
Top Eighth
  • Abreu singles to right.
  • A-Rod flies out to right.
  • Giambi gets plunked by Embree. First and second, one out for Posada.
  • Posada strikes out.
  • Betemit strikes out.
Bottom Eighth
  • Hannahan flies out to left.
  • Girardi has seen enough, Wang out, Veras in.
  • Crosby grounds out to the pitcher.
  • Cust walks.
  • Rajai Davis pinch runs for Cust and steals second.
  • Chavez walks.
  • Ellis grounds out to second to end the inning.
Top Ninth
  • Cano flies out to center.
  • The Melk Man hits a solo shot to right off Foulke, shock and awe at RAB. (3-1, Yanks)
  • Damon k's.
  • Jeter grounds out to second.
  • Huge insurance run compliments of the Melk Man.
Bottom Ninth
  • Enter Sandman.
  • Barton k's.
  • Buck pops out to shallow right.
  • Gonzalez singles to center.
  • Suzuki flies out to right to end the game.
Player of The Game: I'm going with Mo here. 4 straight days of work and he slams the door on the A's.
Team Record: 33-32
Damon: Uno, see graphic above.

Another in Oakland tomorrow night. Sleep well, Yankee fans.

by Brian on Jun 10 2008
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