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LatroyHawkins120707.jpgIf the Daily News is to be believed, the Yanks are interested in bringing LaTroy Hawkins in for some much-needed bullpen help. Hawkins put up solid numbers playing for the Rockies last season (3.42 ERA, 1.23 WHIP) and while I usually devalue pitching stats in the National League, especially the N.L. West, he did pitch half of his games at Coors. The only troubling number is his low k/9 rate, 4.7.

Hawkins has the benefit of being just about the only reliever not looking for a four-year deal. It would take a minimal commitment to bring him in and see if he can handle the 7th inning. Honestly, I hope the Yanks sign him because LaTrine is one of the best nicknames in the game, and there are so many derivatives, I could probably use a different one for every appearance. (The Head, The Outhouse, The Lavatory [if you're British], The Privy Pit, The Dumper...the possibilities are endless, how about this for a mid-June headline, "The Dumper provides no relief for Girardi." Awesome.) Sign him for comedic value alone.

MLB Trade Rumors has a wrap-up post on the Yankees bullpen discussions, here are the possibilities (in order of my preference):
  • Trade for Damaso Marte
  • Trade Matsui for starter and relief help from the Giants (depends on the names)
  • Sign Ron Mahay
  • Sign Trever Miller
  • Trade for John Grabow
The only reason the Matsui deal is #2 on my list is the pure garbage below it. Noah Lowry is not a good addition to this team, and the two relievers rumored to possibly be in the deal (no solid package, just names floating around) don't exactly even the sides up. Jonathan Sanchez posted an ERA barely below 6.00 in 2007, with a WHIP over 1.60. Horrible, horrible numbers. Hennessey's numbers were better, but again, factor in the league and division he plays in. I'd think the Yanks could get more for Matsui, if they're desperate to trade him. If they aren't desperate, there's absolutely no reason to make this deal.
by Brian on Dec 7 2007
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