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Mark PriorMark Prior is the epitome of that. The Cubs cut their former future loose tonight, rather than granting him arbitration which would've cost them about $3.4M. The teams couldn't come to terms on a contract mainly because the Cubs wanted a club option for 2009, Prior didn't.

Which brings us to the Yankees. Prior is exactly the type of guy I'd like to see the Yanks bring in. He won't cost anything but money, he won't demand a long-term deal and he'll be highly, highly motivated. I don't know how Prior would feel about a bullpen assignment, but if he's amenable, he could be a perfect fit. Offer him a one-year deal in the neighborhood of $4M, bring him in and see if maybe he's kicked the injury bug. Best-case scenario, he reclaims the form that made him the #1 pitching prospect in the game, dominates for the Yanks in '08 and make a boatload of money for himself in '09 and beyond.

Worst-case, he's plagued by injuries again and becomes Carl Pavano (minus 3 years and $35M flushed down the toilet). From Prior's perspective, it may be a hard sell to come to the A.L. East and face the best offenses in the league, but if he isn't a shrinking violet, there's no better stage in the league on which to rebuild your value.

If you're Brian Cashman, it's worth a shot. The guy is only 27.
by Brian on Dec 12 2007
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