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MeachamMustGo.jpgPeter Abraham has the scoop. Bobby Meacham was shown the door today. If you ask me, this is an excellent beginning for the changes this team needs to make this offseason. Meacham was probably the worst third base coach I've ever seen and if rumors were to be believed, he was Girardi's main sounding board for strategic decisions.

Abraham goes on to say that Meacham's replacement will need to be a guy who can motivate Robinson Cano. The only problem I have with that is Girardi's non-role in that area. I thought Girardi was supposed to be the piss-and-vinegar guy who'd kick these guys in the ass if they got out of line. We went from Torre's laid back approach to Girardi's inefectual reign.

I completely understand that managers fill their staff with coaches whose strengths cover up for their weaknesses. I'm just having a hard time figuring out what Girardi's strength is.
by Brian on Oct 14 2008
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