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Mike Mussina gets his 20th win.
Congratulations are well deserved for Mike Mussina after picking up his 20th win of the season, and also the entire team, Joe Girardi and the Boston Red Sox deserve a pat on the back as well. Girardi sent his starters out there for a meaningless game to give Mussina the best shot at getting the win. He then used the pen like it was the 7th game of the World Series to make Mussina's effort stand up.

The Red Sox deserve credit because they didn't roll over and make a mockery of the game. They played all of their regulars in the game and even brought Papelbon into the game in the top of the 9th even though they were down a run. They made Mussina and the Yanks earn this win and that makes it much, much sweeter. Francona may be on the enemies' bench, but you have to give the guy credit, he's a class act.

Back to the Moose. Brian Cashman (if he still has the job), should be on the phone with Mussina's agent right now. Bring this guy back, give him two years with a player option for a third year so he can come back to get his 300th win if he wants to. He proved that he's learned how to adjust his pitching style to his diminished stuff. If Jamie Moyer can remain effective well into his 40s there's no reason Mussina can't.

I never thought I'd be begging the Yanks to bring him back. This time last year I was hoping they'd find a way to trade him for a bag of balls. I'm eating a lot of crow for that right now, but I think he's a key to this rotation next year. They're going to have big question marks no matter who they sign, in Joba and Hughes, they need the moose in the rotation. Whoever the GM is going to be, please get it done sooner rather than later.

Team Record: 89-72
Damon: Nada
by Brian on Sep 29 2008
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