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Jorge Posada should return to the Yankee lineup either Tuesday or Thursday of this week. I figured there's no time better than right now to see exactly what the Yanks have been missing. Below you'll see a quick comparison of what the Yanks got out of their starting catcher to this point in 2007, and what they've gotten so far this year.

Posada in 2007 (through June 1)

Moeller + Molina 2008 (through June 1)

So, how much of a boost will Posada give this offense? Obviously, you can't draw a one-to-one comparison, but I think it's safe to say this team will be much more efficient on offense once he's back. Beyond the pure production he provides, having a switch hitter in the middle of the lineup will break up the row of lefties and make it much harder for teams to neutralize them late in the game with a lefty specialist out of the pen.

The Yanks have weathered lengthy injuries to Posada and A-Rod, a win tomorrow means they will have done it with a record above .500. Now that the offense is healthy, or almost there, it's time for this team to put a serious run together.
by Brian on Jun 2 2008
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