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morivera1115.jpgI've been checking the wires almost constantly since the Yanks upped their offer to Mo Rivera to 3 years $45 million because I knew it was only a matter of time before he signed on the dotted line. Today, things look bleak.

According to Ken Rosenthal (found via MLB Trade Rumors) Rivera is holding out for a fourth year, and he's testing the open market to see who will give it to him. This is the definition of crazy. The Yankees' $45M offer was way too much. The Yanks are paying because he has been the best closer for more than a decade, not because he IS the best closer right now, or because he will be the best closer for the next three years. That tremendous offer is a reward for past performances, no one in their right mind would match that offer and unless Joe Torre has complete control of the Dodgers' purse strings, no one is going to even come close to topping it. They'd be crazy to.

Mariano is integral to the Yankee plans (if they don't re-sign him, Joba will probably close and we're never going to see what he'd be like as a starting pitcher). Mo is the best baseball player of my lifetime, I still stand by that statement. Mo has been the most important Yankee, and the key piece in this 12-year run of success. Mo has been all those things, but at this point I have to say, he's being obtuse.

Maybe I'm misreading the market, but so far Posada has signed for less than was originally thought, A-Rod is rumored to be signing for less. I think it's a soft market, and even in a hard market, I really don't think he's worth this type of deal. He's earned the $45M from the Yanks, no one else owes him a thing. Mo should sign this deal, today.
by Brian on Nov 15 2007
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