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The Bombers didn't need much more than their battery today. The Moose was dominant in his 7 innings of work, and really shouldn't have allowed any runs. The Angels plated two on what should have been a double play to end the second inning, but was botched by Betemit and Giambi. One run was earned.

Betemit did make amends for his fielding blunder in the bottom of the inning when he tied the game on a two-run bomb to the bleachers in right center. Molina was the offensive star, though. The big guy was 3/3 with his first bomb of the year, he also scored the eventual game-winner with his legs. He led off the third with a single. Then made a perfect read on a broken-bat single to right by Damon and went first to third on Juan Rivera's arm. Jeter then plated Molina on a double play and the Yanks never looked back. Jeter's 17 GIDP of the season, anyone else alarmed by that stat? Your #2 hitter isn't supposed to be killing rallies like that with the meat of your order coming up.

Anyway, A-Rod hit a laser, his 24th of the season, and Brian Bruney made his first appearance in a long time, pitching a scoreless ninth.

Back to Mussina for a second. Let me paint a picture for you here. The home plate ump is squeezing the zone, basically taking the outside corner away from Moose against lefties. He hits the corner four straight times to Teixeira in the top of the first, each time it's called a ball. Now, what would Mike Mussina circa 2007 do in this situation? If you answered, "Melt down, lose the game." You are correct. What did Mike Mussina circa 2008 do? Well, he realized Joe West was giving the two inches on the other side of the plate that he was taking away on the outside. He adjusted, and he sat down the last 17 batters he faced. What a difference a year makes.

Player of The Game: Jose Molina
Team Record: 60-50
Damon: Uno, died a hero