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If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I may not have believed it, but the oft-maligned (and rightfully so) Mike Mussina turned in another stellar start today at the Stadium and out-pitched King Felix. The Yanks got all the offense they needed off the bat of Johnny Damon who finished with two doubles, one bomb, three runs and two RBI. The only thing Damon didn't do, sadly, was break a bat.

The Yankee lineup battered Felix Hernandez, who couldn't go six innings, but did manage to cough up six earned runs. They were clutch, they were patient, and they didn't do a whole lot of swinging and missing.

Check out this stat: The Yankees are now 16-16 on the season. In games in which they have allowed 4 or more runs, they are 4-16. In games in which they have allowed less than 4 runs they are 12-0. It's like they smell blood in the water and find a way to win when they get a well-pitched game, but when the other teams puts a couple of crooked numbers on the board, they fold like a cheap suit.

Darrell Rasner will make his first start of the season against another of the Mariners' offseason acquisitions, Carlos Silva. The Yanks hung a loss on Erik Bedard on Friday, hopefully Silva will get the same treatment.

Player of The Game: Johnny Damon
Team Record: 16-16
Damon's Broken Bats: Zero. Hard to break a bat when you're hitting bombs all day long.

by Brian on May 3 2008
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