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Mike Mussina picked up his 7th Gold Glove award today. These awards are typically based on reputation and/or offensive prowess rather than any statistical method of judging a player's defensive ability, but the Moose deserves a nod nonetheless. Here are the other winners from the American League:

C: Joe Mauer
1B: Carlos Pena
2B: Dustin Pedroia
SS: Michael Young
3B: Adrian Beltre
OF: Ichiro Suzuki
OF: Grady Sizemore
OF: Torii Hunter

It's a decent list. I could probably find you a couple of short stops better than Michael Young, and a second-baseman or two better than Pedroia. My vote for catcher would've gone to Jose Molina, otherwise not much to argue with.

In other baseball news, the Yanks declined Damaso Marte's $6M option, meaning he'll probably hit the open market. Marte figures to be a Type A free agent, so if he signs elsewhere the Yanks could get two draft picks out of it. I wouldn't rule out a longer-term deal with the Yanks, though. Personally, I would've picked up the option. Less risk in a one-year deal, then you're in this same situation next year, assuming he retains his Type A status.

Phil Coke's role on the team could be determined by the Marte situation, and I'd rather not put a ton of pressure on the kid as the team's only lefty in the pen.
by Brian on Nov 6 2008
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