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Joe is going to wait until the last possible minute to finalize his roster for the playoffs. I'm getting a little itchy with the playoffs looming, so I thought I'd put up the roster I would go to battle with, if I was the skipper.

Here's the roster, 1-25. Explanations follow: (I forgot Abreu originally, caught in the comments by Tom).

  1. Jeter
  2. A-Rod
  3. Cano
  4. Posada
  5. Melky
  6. Damon
  7. Abreu
  8. Matsui
  9. Doug
  10. Giambi
  11. Sardinha
  12. Duncan
  13. Betemit
  14. Molina
  15. Wang
  16. Pettitte
  17. Clemens
  18. Huhges
  19. Mussina
  20. Kennedy
  21. Vizcaino
  22. Farnsworth
  23. Joba
  24. Villone
  25. Rivera
  26. Ohlendorf (odd man out?)

14 position players, 11 pitchers. I was tempted to go with 15 and 10, but the extra arm out of the pen might be needed. Here's my thinking: The Yanks are probably going to have the longer series with an extra day off, this means they're only going to need three starters (if Clemens can go). They're actually going to have 6 starters on their roster. This solves a couple of issues for Joe, in my eyes. First of all, he doesn't have to piece together long stretches with short guys, should a starter get knocked out early (or have to leave due to an injury). Hughes, Mussina and Kennedy should all be capable of coming in for a 4 or 5 inning stretch.

I left Bruney and Edwar off the roster because having them on it can only lead to bad things. You know Joe would be in a situation where he didn't want to use Joba or Mo, so he'd go to one of these guys, and that would be the difference in the game. Farnsworth and the Viz scare me, but not nearly as much as those two.

Ohlendorf over Veras was a tough call. I went with the guy who I think has better raw stuff and better control. Veras has a little more seasoning, but I think the youth movement will serve the Bombers well.

We'll see how my roster stacks up with Joe's in a couple of days.
by Brian on Sep 29 2007
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