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The headline seems to be the Yankees' new formula. Whether the breaking news from earlier tonight, Phil Hughes going on the DL, will help or hurt that equation remains to be seen. For now, the Yanks just seem lifeless.

Joe Girardi made a good move today, starting Alberto Gonzalez at third over Morgan Ensberg. Personally, I'd like to see Shelley Duncan getting all of the reps at first for the time being as well. Giambi is a black hole on offense and defense, and the Yanks have way too many lefties in their lineup, and no real power threat from the right side. Put Shelley out there for a week, see how he does against righties. It'll balance the lineup out a little and he can't possibly do worse than Giambi is.

Pettitte didn't have it tonight, but it didn't matter much. Two runs aren't going to win you games. The Yanks had the bases loaded with no outs in the bottom of the first. Giambi hit a sac fly and Melky singled to score the second run. That was it for the offense, completely blanked for the final 8 innings.

With A-Rod and Posada out of the lineup, the Yanks are really going to have to manufacture runs, something Joe Girardi seems loathe to do. One big problem, though, the Yanks are sorely lacking in the speed department. The only legit stolen base threats they have in the lineup are Damon and Abreu.

The highlight of the game came during the Yankees first at bat of the night. Johnny Damon turned a perfectly fine bat into kindling on a foul ball down the right field line.

Ian Kennedy looks to right the ship tomorrow against Nate Robertson.

Player of The Game: The Melk Man (A two-out, RBI single? Few and far between so far this year for any Yankee)
Team Record: 14-15
Damon's Broken Bats: 1 tonight, 14 on the season.
by Brian on Apr 30 2008
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