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If the Daily News can be believed, the Yanks will include Phil Hughes in their offer for Johan Santana. Son of a ...

The guys at River Ave. Blues think Cashman was against it, Gene Michael was for it, and the Hammer broke the tie. This one is far from done, but it's looking bleak if you dig young pitchers who could dominate for the next 15 years.

If/when this deal gets made, I'll get my mind around it and get behind Santana. Before that happens, I want to go on the record as saying I am not confident that Santana is going to dominate in New York. I think this is way too steep of a price to pay for him, both in prospects and dollars. Finally, I'm not convinced he's going to remain healthy, even for this season. I've seen too many pitchers wilt for this team, under this pressure. I think over the next 7 years, cumulatively, Phil Hughes is going to put up better numbers than Santana. End rant.
by Brian on Nov 30 2007
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