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Operation kill the ChiSox got off to a good start tonight. The Yanks rode the arms of Aceves, Coke, Joba and Mo to a 4-2 win. Unfortunately, the Twins couldn't hold up their end of the bargain. Hopefully, they'll be able to scratch out a few wins over the next three while the Yanks are taking care of Chicago in the Bronx.

Robinson Cano served his one game benching for lacadasical play, although Girardi put him in as a defensive replacement, which is kind of ironic because it was shoddy defense that put him in the doghouse in the first place. No matter.

One thing to note: Brett Gardner comitted three cardinal sins in one sequence tonight. First, he dropped down a drag bunt and slid head first into the bag at first. Now, I've seen plenty of ink spilled when Melky did this exact same thing, so we have to hold Gardner to the same standard, don't we? Next, he was picked off first, but lucky enough to have Nick Swisher's throw bounce off his helmet, so he was safe at second. On the very next pitch, Derek Jeter hit a line drive right at the short stop, Gardner broke for third and was doubled off second to end the inning. But hey, he did raise his average to .170, so maybe I'm splitting hairs here.

Player of The Game: Phil Coke, first ML win.
Team Record: 80-70
Damon: One, that I saw. 61 on the season, although Michael Kay said the total is over 100.
by Brian on Sep 15 2008
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