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The other lives on. During a deflating ninth inning with Mariano on the mound closing out Mike Mussina's 19th win of the year word spread that the Sox beat the Indians in Boston, ending the Yankees final hope at a playoff berth.

It's a bittersweet night. The good news is that the final game of the season will still be a must-watch. The bad news, well, it looks like the Mets will make the playoffs and the Yanks won't. That should never happen.

Anyway, the Giambino scored enough runs by himself (2) to hold off the Jays' offense. Mussina was excellent over five, and left with a 2-0 lead after taking a comebacker off his arm. I have a feeling he'll shake it off and make that start on Sunday.

Player of The Game:
Mooooooooooooooooooose (that's 19 O's)
Team Record: 86-71 (I blinked and suddenly they're 15 games over)
Damon: Zilch, he's using Nady's bats now.
by Brian on Sep 23 2008
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