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tinmanhughes0927.jpgWith Roger Clemens' status up in the air for game three of the playoffs, a shaky mid-inning bullpen and the possibility that a fourth starter will be needed in the first round, tonight's "meaningless" game for the Bombers is far from it for Phil Hughes.

The kid had a rough go of it when he first came off the D.L., but he's pitched better as the season has worn on. If Clemens can't go in game three, it's probably between Hughes and Mussina to make the start. If an arm is needed in long relief, again, it's probably between Hughes and Mussina. Tonight is the kid's last chance to make a case for himself.

First pitch is a little more than 20 minutes away. I'll be watching and checking back here far too frequently, so if you're watching along, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Only four games to go, Yankee fans.

FUNNY UPDATE: The D-Rays take the field to GOB's entrance music from Arrested Development. I find that fitting. If you haven't seen Arrested Development, I highly recommend you rent the DVDs.
by Brian on Sep 27 2007
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