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It's only natural that Andy Pettitte would be questioned about Roger Clemens' future on the day he signed his $16M deal with the Yanks. His response to the obligatory questions was to guess that his buddy would pitch again.

The implication is that the Yankees will be seeking his services. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I hate the fact that the Yanks keep getting older and older and older. On the other hand, If they do sign Clemens, it will be a one-year deal, and they really won't be mortgaging their future. Whereas, if they sign Zito it's going to be a 6-year deal for way too much money, and they'll wind up regretting it.

Clemens is probably the most talented pitcher on the market this off season, even if he is 45. Since the team obviously isn't making moves with an eye to the future, this is the logical next step. Philip Hughes is probably at least a year away and the back of the rotation is unclear at this point. If Clemens has his swan song in the Bronx, I won't be broken up about it. I just wish the direction Cashman was taking the team in had more foresight involved.

My fondest memory of Clemens in pinstripes was his abuse of Mike Piazza, pictured above.

by Brian on Dec 22 2006