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Here's the link. Please call Minnesota and tell them "Thanks, but no thanks."

Much more later, just wanted to share the good news.

UPDATE (11:36 a.m.)

Here are the details:
  • Pettitte will sign for the same $16M, one-year deal he declined earlier.
  • His agent, Randy Hendricks, has confirmed.
Peter Abraham still thinks the Yanks are players in the Johan sweepstakes, but this should take the stink of desperation off them. Their starting rotation, as it stands right now: Wang, Pettitte, Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Mussina, is leaps and bounds ahead of the rotation they started with last year. The same rotation that brought the team to a 94-win season.

Their opening-day rotation consisted of Pettitte, Pavano, Mussina, Rasner and Igawa in 2007.
by Brian on Dec 3 2007
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