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If you're wondering what Phil Hughes did for the holidays, well, you're in luck. The Franchise has started his own blog and he has a couple of innocuous posts up. First of all, thank God Phil didn't start one of those lame Yardbarker celebrity blogs. He went out on his own (he's using WordPress, which I frown upon, but that's neither here nor there).

Phil's HeaderIt's unclear as to what exactly Phil is going to write about, I'm pretty sure the paint-sampler design was originally intended for interior decorators, but hey I have a black and white picture of myself so I'm not one to talk. I'm glad Phil is taking to the internets to give us a little glimpse into his life. I'm doubly glad that he's still a Yankee and it'll be fun to follow along with him during Spring Training and the regular season. I'm wondering if there will be a post up soon titled, "Why I need to throw my change-up more."

In related news, there is an "official Clay Buchholz" blog, but it doesn't look like he even writes it. Anyway, you can find it at www.hotlaptops.com.

Hat tip to River Ave Blues, Pete Abraham and MLBTR. Not sure who had it first.

UPDATE: It looks like Phil has personalized his blog a little bit. The paint sampler header has been replaced by this beauty, a drastic improvement. This kid was born to be a Yankee, check out his football picks for this weekend.


by Brian on Jan 17 2008
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