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Peter Abraham has a brief post up on Phil Hughes' progress in the minors. He's scheduled to make a start for Scranton/WB tonight and throw 60 pitches. In his next outing on the 12th he'll be up to 80 and then we could see him in pinstripes on the 17th for 90-95 pitches, if he's needed. Which obviously he will be.

In case you've forgotten, Phil Hughes is the stud pitching prospect everyone was talking about last year, before Jobamania caught on. If we're lucky, he'll be able to step in for the big guy and stabilize the rotation. If we're really lucky, his injuries will be behind him and this will be the last time he's called up from AAA. Here's a quick reminder of what we've been missing for the past 14 months or so while Hughes rehabbed from various injuries.

Meanwhile, the Moose will take the hill tonight against Cory Feldman. No word on whether Cory Haim is available in relief. A split of the 4-game set would be a step in the right direction.

by Brian on Aug 7 2008
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