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pinchhitting13008.jpgIf you're a regular reader of Peter Abraham's excellent Yankees LoHud Blog, you're well-aware of the month-long series of posts he's had from other Yankee bloggers. Well, today was my turn at the plate. Head on over there to check it out and leave a comment.

My topic was the lack of respect Melky Cabrera has gotten from the Yankee front office (or at least certain members of the front office), fans and bloggers. I'll be trying to defend my stance in the comments section throughout the day.

Peter specifically asked us to refrain from thanking him in our guest posts to save space, but I have no shortage of space to fill here. I think he's gone out of his way to become a member of the Yankee blog culture in a way that so many print journalists/reluctant bloggers do not. Every major paper in the country now has at least one ink & paper guy writing a blog for the company's Web site, and a lot of them insist on turning their noses up at the average Joe bloggers who feed them links on a daily basis. Guys like Peter give beat writers a good name, and I'm very grateful for the opportunity he's given all of us to speak to a larger audience. If you aren't a regular reader of his blog, you should be.

Many thanks to Peter, and please enjoy the post and take part in the comments over there.
by Brian on Jan 30 2008
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