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I'm not sure how much of the playoffs I'll watch, but here are my predictions anyway. Feel free to check this post in a couple of weeks and mock me.

American League

Angels over Red Sox: No Beckett for game 1, Angels have home field and they're healthy. I like them in 4.

ChiSox over Rays: Teams that defy all odds to get into the playoffs can usually sustain that roll. The ChiSox have played 3 straight do-or-die games, the Rays haven't played a must-win, well, ever. I like them in 4.

Angels over ChiSox in the ALCS:
The White Sox aren't good. Their magical string is broken by a clearly superior team. Angels in 5.

National League

Cubs over Dodgers: I'd love to pick the Dodgers, but their pitching isn't even close to the Cubs. Sweep city.

Phils over Brewers: Here's the thing, I'm picking the Phils in 4, but if this series goes 5, the Brewers will win it. Sabathia isn't going until game 2, meaning he can pitch game 5 as well, if it gets there. Still, Phils in 4.

Phils over Cubs in NLCS: Ryan Howard seems to hibernate for the first 4 months of the season. He's awake now, and he's also the most dangerous hitter in the playoffs. I think the Phils offense trumps the Cubs' when they're clicking and Lidge is a huge advantage to close out games. Phils in 7.

W.S. Champions: Phils over Angels. It's a Philly year.
by Brian on Oct 1 2008