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It's a sad state of affairs when the New York Yankees need Sidney Ponson to bail them out, but that's where we stand these days. Tonight, the Aruban gave the Yanks 6.1 innings of work, only allowed 3 runs and got the W. As always seems to be the case these days, the Yanks needed the win just to keep pace with the Rays and the Sox. The Rays tortured the Tribe pen, again. The Sox beat up on the Royals.

Before we go any further, can someone please explain to me why Derek Jeter is swinging 3-0 with runners on second and third and two out in the top of the ninth? Ponderous. Anyway, the offense wasn't horrible. Pudge made a stellar play in blocking the plate and saving a run on a throw from Abreu. It knocked him out of the game and we may be seeing more of Chad Moeller sooner than expected.

It was good to see Mo for the ninth, looking like Mo. But here's a question, are the Yanks a better defensive team with Damon in left than Nady? Joe put Melky in center in the ninth, which I agree with, but he put him in Nady's spot in the lineup and put Damon in left. Had the Rangers tied the game up, Nady's spot would've been due up third in the 10th. Obviously, you don't manage hedging your bets in case Mo blows a save, but in this case aren't they better off with Nady in left anyway?

Game Within The Game: In the bottom of the eighth with two outs Veras came in to face Byrd with Catalanotto on second. When Molina was giving his sequence of signs he went fastball inside, slider away, fastball away. The only problem is that Veras nodded yes as soon as he saw the fastball inside sign and went into his motion. It was a dead giveaway that Veras was using the first sign in the sequence. On the next pitch, Molina called for a slider, and Byrd ripped it down the left field line like he knew it was coming, because he did know it was coming. Catalanotto saw the same thing I did and tipped him with a signal. Luckily, Derek Jeter saw the same thing, called time and brought Molina out to the mound, told Molina and Veras what was going on and had them change their sequence. Byrd flew out harmlessly to center to end the inning. I love the little wrinkles that pop up all the time in this game. Honestly, when the Yanks are playing piss-poor baseball it's what keeps me watching night in and night out.

Player of The Game: Sid
Team Record: 62-52
Damon: Apparently switched to aluminum. Nada.
by Brian on Aug 6 2008
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