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bigstein.jpgThis N.Y. Post exclusive is saying George Steinbrenner will step down from the day-to-day chairman duties, and his sons, Hank and Hal will take over.

In a break from tradition, the Post actually has quotes from the parties involved in the story, so it looks like this one is legit. What this means for Joe Torre's future is anyone's guess, but there was one quote which may give us a glimpse into the little Steins' ownership style.

When asked if Joba Chamberlain would be a starter next season, Hank said, "That's something I'll insist on." Great.

I'm still fleshing out my feelings on what I think Joba's role should be next year, I'll have a full post on it in the next week. Hank may be dead on in insisting he start, my problem is that he's insisting on a baseball decision. They pay plenty of guys to evaluate players and decide roles. Not a good start for Hank, in my eyes.