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Through the first five plus innings, the Yankee offense was still in it's rut. They managed one run, on a sacrifice fly by Robinson Cano, and they were dangerously close to wasting another stellar outing from a starter. Then the sky opened, the tarp came out and the Yanks seemed to relax.

The final was 4-1, and the game was never really in question after the delay. Farnsworth gave up a solo bomb to Ken Griffey Jr. which excited Michael Kay way too much. Then Farnsworth tried to field a grounder with his bare hand and hurt himself. Girardi made the right call when Farnsworth went down. He brought Mo in for the 4-out save. No use messing around with Veras or Hawkins in that situation.

Enough about today's game, we have some serious business to discuss. Michael Kay dropped a bombshell during the game. He said he spoke to Johnny Damon about the broken bat situation and Damon said he broke 40 bats all year in 2007. So far this year, he's broken 50! Here's the dilemma, my official count was up to 39 after today's game. Should we keep that tally going, only counting visually verifiable broken bats, or should we trust Damon's number? Obviously, no one would know better than Johnny, but maybe he was rounding off or exaggerating. Tough decisions. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Damon also blamed the broken bats on his disturbingly strong hands. I'm not buying it.

Player of The Game: Andy Pettitte
Team Record: 41-35
Damon: One today.