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On a night when the Yanks held the highest-scoring offense in the league to 2 runs on 7 hits, you'd think they'd walk with a win, right? Wrong. You see, the pitching staff with the highest ERA held the Yankee "offense" to 1 run on 4 hits.

It was kind of an exciting game to watch, we got to see Brett Gardner make his debut, and steal a base on a pitch out. All night long you felt a kind of electricity, waiting for the bombs to start flying, the runs to start piling up. It just never materialized. A-Rod almost hit another bomb into the left field bleachers. It landed deep in Monument Park and bounced in. But that was it. The only run the Yanks could muster.

The Rays beat the Sox and extended their lead in the A.L. East to 1.5 games over the Sox, the Yanks dropped to 6.5 back.

Mussina pitched well, the Yankee pen pitched better. Jose Molina was crossed up by Veras and took a 96 MPH fastball in the last place you want to take a 96 MPH fastball. He would stay in the game, though. He's a trooper.

Jobamania takes the mound tomorrow night and looks to right this ship. You'd think the Yankee bats will have to get hot again against this pitching staff, right? One last note, the comedic highlight of the game was definitely Jason Giambi legging out a triple.

Player of The Game: Moose. Holding this offense to 2 runs over 6 innings is no small feat.
Team Record: 44-39
Damon: Pinch hit in the 8th, no broken bat.
by Brian on Jun 30 2008
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