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When I saw in the Times this morning the Yanks had upped their offer to Mariano Rivera to three years/$45 million my jaw dropped. $15 million per year for a 38 year-old closer? That's lunacy. Obviously, the Yanks have to bring him back, but I thought this offer was way off the radar.

Here's where the story gets even more wacky. Mo didn't take the deal, or at least he hasn't yet. He hinted that he may follow Torre to the Dodgers, and that's fine. It's contract gamesmanship. I'm just not sure what he's trying to gain. This offer is so beyond fair, and so far beyond anything another team is going to offer him, I still can't believe he didn't just sign on the dotted line. My biggest fear at this point is that Hank is going to see this as a slap in the face and take the offer off the table when he sees that other teams are offering willing to pay him in the neighborhood of $36M/3 years. I still consider Mo one of my favorite Yankees ever, that's why it pains me to see him playing such a dangerous game.
by Brian on Nov 13 2007
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