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There are plenty of games when Pettitte doesn't really have it and he finds a way to get through 6 or 7 innings and keep his team in it. Then there are those games when Andy really doesn't have it and he gets knocked around. Friday night was a perfect example of the latter. The pen did a good job over the final three innings, but the offense was shut out by the Cleveland pen and the comeback never came. 6-4 Indians was the final in the opener of the series.

The Yanks scored 4 runs off starter Paul Byrd, which really isn't enough against a guy like that. Hideki Matsui stroked his 4th bomb of the year, but the offensive star of the night was Jason Giambi who will be known as the worst defensive first baseman in the league from here forward. The Giambino hit two bombs to give him 5 on the year. He also hit a home run with a man on base for the first time this season.

The Yankee pen took a hit yesterday when they learned Brian Bruney was diagnosed with a Lis Franc sprain in his foot. Bruney came into Spring Training in shape and he's looked pretty good in the early going. Of course he looked pretty good in the early going last season as well, and we all know how that turned out. Unfortunately, we won't get the chance to see the Iron Cross again until September, optimistically, probably 2009.

Player of The Game:
Jason Giambi
Team Record: 12-12
Damon: Sucks.
by Brian on Apr 26 2008
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